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My advice regarding freedom in your singing:

In the very beginning of trying to explore our vocal potential, it is essential to completely exclude the movement of shoulders whilst we are breathing. The majority of vocal teachers of the past emphasised the importance of involving the lower part of the lungs in the process of breathing for singers. From the point of view of human physiology it can be easily explained – lungs become wider at the bottom. If we do not breath “low”, firstly we will use only 50% of our potential in terms of oxygen. Secondly, it is simply impossible to then support our lungs and breath properly with the diaphragm (the muscles just under the lungs). Whether you work with vocal coach or on your own, remember- the most rigorous and honest coach/ singing teacher for you can be a simple mirror. Just stand in front of it and be open to exploring of how your body behaves when you sing. Just try to find the sensation of stillness. Be at ease with yourself. Instead of chaotically taking inhale and lifting up shoulders, try to concentrate on taking inhale deeper than you would normally do.

Important to know

It is important to mention that after passing this stage you will face another obstacle – to find the right resonance for your voice. Release tension in your tongue, which is quite a strong muscle. Tension can affect your voice. You can sing vocal scale or your own song with tongue being out. I know, it looks quite funny when you do this. But, trust me, you can easily do this on your own. In this way, you will find more relaxation in the area of the root of the tongue. The come back to singing without tongue being out. I guarantee you-you will feel more freedom instantly. By taking away extra muscle tension, you will open your throat more-this will lead you to more softness and freedom in your singing.

It takes time to find your own voice.

You need to be true to yourself. It is so important not to give your voice extra weight or to have it too light. You will need to find the balance – ” chiaro scuro” , as Italian masters say ( light and dark). A sound that has a balance of overtones will fly, and will also allow singers built up a good vocal range.

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