Huffington-Post ( HUFFPOST ) has recently interviewed me regarding the positive impact of singing lessons in terms of coping with low mood, with mild and moderate depression and moreover, how singing can help women recover more quickly from postnatal depression. Singing lessons will definitely boost your nervous and immune system and give you the “feel good ” factor and raise the level of endorphins in the brain. One doesn’t need to have “the voice” or “talent” to sing – one needs the passion, one needs the wish to be happy, one needs to exteriorise the inner emotions,” to let go”, to allow the free movement of the diaphragm, as much as allowing the movement of free thoughts and emotions. This is all incorporated in my singing lessons. “Healing”, “happiness” and the ability to express is what you get through singing sessions.

Thank you Amy Packham and HUFFPOST for exploring such an important subject.

“Whether it’s a banker who is seeking a form of mental relaxation, a teenager who feels uncertain about himself or a mum tired of daily obligations – after the first session, 99% of my pupils break all the psychological barriers and feel happy about themselves, uplifted, energised and focused,” he told HuffPost UK.

“In my opinion, during the postnatal period, even humming without any words with a closed mouth will uplift your energy. You can simply vocalise some easy scales or try to sing together with your favourite singer. Do not go for technically difficult songs.

“Good choices for new parents would be ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Mis. Many of Elton John’s songs are great to sing as well. If you like jazz, songs from Billie Holiday’s repertoire will also be great.

“The main idea behind is that you focus on the text and the melody. I assure you the magic of singing will bring the most joyful result.”

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