5 simple tips on how to improve your singing instantly.

5 simple tips on how to improve your singing instantly.

  1. Give attention to the lower jaw when you sing.

    First of all, try to put two fingers on both sides between jaws, it does release all the tension of muscles in that area. Secondly, do a little bit of tilting( left, right, back and forward). Finally, make sure that there is not tension in the area of your neck.

  2. Please smile when you sing, it doesn’t matter if the song is sad or happy.

    It is for the purpose of a good sound resonance, which will automatically go to the “mask” area.

  3. Breathe lower, try not to lift up your shoulders.

    Lifting up your shoulders when you inhale during the singing does not have any efficiency for your performance.

  4. Project you sound further,

    Just imagine that the person who is listening to your voice is standing 20 m away. The result will be phenomenal, you will naturally open your throat and muscle system will work more accurate.

  5. Explore fast songs.

    Articulation and breathing works in a different way depending on the tempo of the song. It will be an amazing training for your mind, voice and breathing.

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