Versatile portfolio

Let me introduce Lopa Sarkar who embodies the spirit and exuberance of Bollywood Dance. It is a great pleasure to be her vocal coach and singing teacher.

First of all, her portfolio is including the Olympics Hall of Fame Gala Ceremony. Additionally, she participated in celebrations for the Pan Am Games. Second of all, Lopa has been commissioned for stage, film and television by clients globally including Toronto, London, France and New York City.Thirdly, she has been featured on major networks internationally including the BBC and Sony Television.

Fourthly,  In Canada, she was featured in her own prime time commercial as an ambassador for the city of Toronto. Moreover, Canada’s National Ballet School commissioned Lopa to choreograph their performance for International Dance Day. Additionally, she helped the NBA Toronto Raptors create their first Bollywood Night. Miles Copeland and The Bellydance Superstars asked her to teach and perform at Raqs Britannia and the Ontario Arts Council featured her in their film “Why I Dance…”

Lopa’s company, Divine Heritage Artistry, has added its sparkle to the cream of charity, cultural and sporting events across Toronto and the world since 2005. Lopa’s instructional DVD set has sold in over 55 countries.

Finally, Lopa has built the Education and Outreach programme for Canada’s largest theatre, The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. She joined the Advisory Committee of Centennial College’s new Commercial Dance Programme and was the Professor of Culture and World Trends.


She was the Head of Enterprise and the Head of Innovation for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. She sits on steering committees and advisory boards of arts groups and works to build the profile of the creative industries in education and diversity in the arts. She has coached senior management from the Barbican, Guildhall School and Shakespeare’s Globe.

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