Very often you think that  you perform one song better than another because there is a mindset “I like it more” . I prefer to say , you like it more , but also, your prefrontal cortex works 2-3 times more efficiently when you like something. Hence , you motivate yourself and as a result the default system of your brain is activating much more of available resources .. Moreover, the trio “mind- muscle system- nervous system” is in a much better coordination ..Some people say “ it’s my vibe”… But there is obviously, more to the story. What is also astonishing, that emotionally wise, we are involved on a very different level and we start actually, to perform.

Please go through your songs.. Try to understand which indeed truly touches you..Take all those songs to your singing lessons. Make sure that you build up portfolio of at least 3 slow songs and 3 fast songs…

There is a strong connection between “ I really like the song” and  your  great performance. Explore it!

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