It was great pleasure to provide on 27th of October an online Zoom masterclass. I was talking about vocal technique to Redwood Youth organisation . There were 40 participants in total . It seems that online education can be very efficient! Furthermore, it was big honour to share with everyone my knowledge. All the expertise and ideas, that I have gained during years of work as a vocal coach and singing teacher.

The topics which I have covered :

First of all, I worked on sound projection and explained the idea of an advanced muscle tension release
Secondly, I decided to cover the subject of “belting” ( understanding how diaphragm functions, when we sing and methods of controlling it)
Thirdly, I have spoken about importance of articulation/diction
Finally, I have shown a range of different breathing exercises and explained what is vocal attack.

I am looking forward to further collaboration and more online masterclasses in the future!

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