Great exercises which will help you to sing better and you can become “your own vocal coach”

Here below, I offer you four very efficient exercises which I have been using as a vocal coach for a number of years with my pupils. All of them have clearly proved their high efficiency.Firstly, by doing these exercises, you will start perceive the sound and performance on a completely different level. Secondly, trust me, you can do it and you can improve your performance significantly as a result. And thirdly,very soon whole body will become an instrument, through which you as a performer will deliver your own very thoughts.

Vocale Awareness

In such way, you easily create a moment of vocal awareness, which you will remember. On the other hand, very often artist being on the stage, experiences state of anxiety and totally loses control. In other words, she doesn’t have that sensation of awareness and sensation of being in the zone. It is good to be here and now when you perform. The suggested exercises will help you to solve the problem. The level of vocal control will be much higher



    I need to admit, singing with closed eyes will be a very unusual experience for you but believe me, in this way, you will be able to concentrate on the sound like never before. As a result, you can improve significantly each of your voice and given more colours to it


    Try to sing the song while you are sitting relax your legs and arms, concentrate on your vocal breathing, support of the diaphragm and make sure there is no tension in the area of your throat


    1. Stand with your back next to the wall, put both hands on the wall.
    2. Find the object to focus on, just on the level of your eyes
    3. Sing your song and make sure that THE ONLY ELEMENTS are involved:
    – your mind
    – your vocal cords
    – support of your diaphragm
    – good space in the area of your throat
    – no tension in your neck, your lower, your tongue


    First of all, it is good to have a mirror in front of you, while you are standing with your back next to the wall. Preferably, choose the mirror which can show whole height), so you can see all the changes happening at the very moment.

    Secondly, when you sing/speak in front of the mirror, PLEASE explore a big range of characters. You can be fragile/ strong, fearless/ shy, suspicious/ naive, happy/ sad etc. Therefore, you will learn so much about your voice and will have new opportunities to express yourself as an artist.

    Thirdly, look at your reflection, try to correct what you see.

Educational videos and article related to the psychology of performance.

By changing the way you think-you change the way you sing and perform

I am offering here two very interesting videos related to the psychology of the performance. Moreover, also you will find in the bottom of this page the article “UNDERSTANDING SPORT AND PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY” (published by American Psychological Association).

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