Jaco is a 23 year old Italian songwriter, singer and pianist in London. 

Debut single and Eurovision Song Selections as a start

His debut single ‘Baby’ out in January 2021.
Jaco grew up between two worlds: one his early years spent studying classical music as a pianist and composer; the other the years spent developing his unique image and sound in the pop world.

In 2017, Jaco participated in the Eurovision Song Selections for Armenia, and his submission made it to the finals’ Top 10 of the song competition. Moreover, this great success led Jaco to build a new artistic image not only as a classical musician but also as a pop artist.

On the other hand, over the past few years, Jaco has worked with emerging artists in the UK as a songwriter and keyboard player. Subsequently, directed shows in the West-End and scored music for movies. 

Jaco is now launching himself into the music industry as an artist, bringing a fresh take on pop music. As a result, Jaco released his debut single ‘Baby’ in January 2021.

After a time of reflection, ‘Baby’ marks a new beginning for Jaco.

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New song “Baby” by Jaco

Jaco about his music

“My songs will bring you through my journey of self-discovery and identity. There are secrets, feelings and experiences hidden behind these lyrics. This first release will represent the end of this first journey. ‘Baby’ is about where I am now and how I am feeling in this moment in time. I want to start at the end, and slowly introduce you to the rest of my story very soon”.

Jaco about his new song

In this track, Jaco discusses love from a more intimate perspective (“Don’t let the bed cool down, it’s you and me now”) to a more sentimental (“I’m safe, you feel like home”) and melancholic one (“don’t say goodbye”).
“I like to call ‘Baby’ an ‘edgy-catchy’ pop song. I have been inspired by artists such as Harry Styles, who brings freedom in his style and is bravely going astray from the so-called ‘correct path’ that a male musician is supposed to take”. It was a great pleasure top work with Jaco as his singing teacher and vocal coach.

BABY IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jaco12/baby

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