I am introducing upcoming talented Dutch singer/songwriter Inasens. First of all, she is an exciting and diverse young artist and former student of mine. Second of all, Inasens is musically self-taught and had never followed singing lessons before we met. Thirdly, currently based in Belgium, she is a law graduate and juggles her busy day job with her love of singing and writing. Finally, I was happy to see Inasens enjoy both radio and online success with the recent releases of her touching first single “Smile from Heaven”and second release “Closure”. Moreover, she will be showcasing and gigging as soon as the pandemic allows. Follow Inasens on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/inasensisme/

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Closure. Inasens. Vocal coach. Singing lessons.
Smile from Heaven. Inasens. Professional vocal coach in London
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Closure by Inasens
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Inasens. My pupils. Vocal coach and singing teacher in London.

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