Hello everyone. I’m inviting you to listen to the new song of my pupil Amy FitzGerald. She is an indie/folk singer, songwriter and composer. It was a pleasure to help her as a vocal coach and singing teacher.

 Here’s the spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7LWsEWem2R6gPWQ04FlSUR

About Amy

First of all, Amy’s highlights include collaborating with the BAFTA winning Brothers McLeod on ‘Stay With EU’. Moreover, she wrote the song for the BOSCH Christmas Ad and a stint as the lead vocalist for electro-swing band GrinnyGrandad. On the other hand, over lockdown, she self-wrote and co-produced her first ever EP. Subsequently, she will be releasing it over 2021 with lots of videos, virtual gigs and hopefully a few live ones in store! 


Singing Lessons in London, vocal lessons, vocal coach, how to sing better
Please listen to the latest song of my pupil Amy Fitzgerald
vocal coach, singing lessons, singing teacher, London
Amy Fitzgerald. Indie/folk singer, songwriter and composer. 
Singing Lessons in London, vocal improvement, vocal lessons, singing teacher, how to sing better
Great song “happy “written by Amy Fitzgerald

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