Please listen to wonderful songs created by my pupil. Feralman’s forthcoming album is an uplifting collection of metaphorical tales of positivity and optimism wrapped together in what has been described a ‘lush indiefolk’, ‘alternative folk’ and ‘americana’.


 “Believe in the power of your dreams. Believe in adventure. Believe in yourself.”

Welsh/Australian Alternative Indie-Folk artist Feralman shares his captivating single, ‘Believe’, out on all streaming platforms on 7th January. The track is the third single to be taken from his upcoming album ‘Allegories’ (which means a collection of metaphors), set for release later this year.

Following a tragic loss in his family and also being diagnosed with a brain tumour, Feralman felt inspired to write a collection of songs that really hammered home the fragility and rollercoaster of life. ‘Believe’ is about having the confidence and freedom to embrace life’ and to not listen to those who tell you that you can’t achieve all you want in life. Continuing that theme, his new album ‘Allegories’ is about really getting a hold of your own life and decisions, driving positive actions for yourself and for those you love.

‘Golden Canary’

“The consequence of not acting on your dreams”

“Welsh/Australian artist Feralman is the genre-crossing alt-folk artist that has online publications and curators’ ears pricked. His next single ‘Golden Canary’ is out now on all streaming platforms. ‘Golden Canary’ provides a narrative for the consequences that surface when you don’t act upon your dreams. Utilising a canary as a metaphor for the people who shout about what they want but fail to follow through, the song nods to the rich mining heritage of his home, South Wales. Speaking about his favourite part of the track, Feralman refers to the miners’ bravery and hard work: “I really like the chanting section in the middle of the song on the full length album version. That is supposed to reflect the toil of the miners.”

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