Connection between Yoga Nidra and good singing
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Great singing can be achieved much faster, if we start to observe the idea of the voice from different perspective.

It is common that many of us, for months, years, are stuck with a specific pattern of singing. Moreover, it is always accompanied by a number of muscle blockages. There is a saying “We see only what we know”. Once the things become known, or something explained to us, we wonder , how we couldn’t recognise it before.

I would like to offer you a concept of you being that person who gives an advice, an “external observer”, so to say. I would like to suggest for a short period of time to step on a journey of self-mastery and instead of searching for that “master”, to quiet your artistic mind and to find and recognise that master-observer within you. It is often that whilst we are singing in front of the mirror we can spot a muscle tension, which is a major trigger of strangulated voice.

One of the tools which I wish to share here is Nidra Yoga. If you are familiar with a concept of “body scan”, I would say, it is a deeper version of body scan. You can take advantage of this technique through 3 stages.

How to use efficiently Yoga Nidra in your voice development

  • firstly, version of you doing it , whilst you are sitting down
  • secondly, you are standing and “remembering” the sensations during Nidra yoga, at the same time, you start to sing your vocal scales. Try to make sure that there is no tension in your lower jaw area and no tension in the area of your tongue. Place the end of the tongue just before your lower teeth, let’s say, 1 centimetre before them.
  • thirdly, you are singing and at the same time, you “scan” yourself and you are aware of the body .


As a result, you feel more grounded, more in control of the breathing process, hence, more centred and focused during singing.

Finally, by exploring this technique, you turn unconscious approach towards your body and voice into conscious one. Of course, there are many ways in approaching good sound, body awareness, freeing the voice, but this technique I highly recommend.

Here is for your consideration guided Yoga Nidra by Rod Stryker


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Advanced Yoga Nidra Meditation by Gurudev Ravi Shankar

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