5 hours of vocal coaching- discount 5%

Price of the 5 hours package of vocal training and voice development

Original price of this voice coaching package is £600. As it is a bulk payment for 5 hours, you are getting it for £570 (discount 5%). Please be aware that online option of coaching via Zoom is available.

My approach towards your vocal development

5 hours of vocal coaching will cover big range of topics. Firstly, during this course of vocal training I will use advanced system of muscle relaxation AMRS, widely used in vocal training around thew world. To be clear, it will involve release of the muscle tension in neck, chest, shoulders and tongue area. Secondly, we will work together on your vocal articulation, diction and voice projection skills. Thirdly, I will need to make sure that you bring your breathing skills to a new level. That is to say, you will change the speed of inhale and exhale intensity. Thirdly, I will work on the depth of your inhale, it is directly related to your diaphragm, you will achieve it through special exercises and relevant guidance. Fourthly, during each vocal session you will work on the song repertoire of your choice. Of course, I will provide you with more information and ideas during our vocal lessons.


Results which you get by purchasing this package of voice training

To sum up, after this course, you will see dramatic increase of your singing skills, stage confidence. Moreover, there will be an improvement in all the areas of the performance. Regular voice lessons will focus your mind and muscles. As a result, great performance, whether it is singing on the stage or public speech, will become regular, rather than occasional.

Get professional voice training and become a successful performer and public speaker

Great voice is something which you simply train through rigorous and methodological approach. As a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel said " The harder I work, the more luck I have". Once you start to rely on a good foundation of regular professional voice training, every time you perform or deliver public speech will be pure success and joy