I am happy to work with composer, songwriter and amazing singer Amy Collins!

It is a true joy to work with Amy!  She has a very special gift of songwriting. Once you heard her songs, you want to listen to them again and again! I am looking forward to further collaboration with this amazing artist!

Amy Collins BA, MA | Composer

Please listen to Amy’s latest songs

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I am extremely happy with success of my pupil Emily Perzan, who performed 468 times Wicked Witch in World Tour Wizard Oz and just got a role of Wicked Witch in the musical Shrek 2021 in London!

I am extremely happy with success of my pupil Emily Perzan, who performed 468 times Wicked Witch in World Tour Wizard Oz and just got a role of Wicked Witch in the musical Shrek 2021 in London! She is a wonderful artist with incredible voice and charisma!

Watch her showreel, which starts from her incredible performance in Wizard Oz, here!

More info about Emily
International Tour:
Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch/Ms. Gulch Prather/Apex Touring/Broadway Entertainment

National Tour:
Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch/Ms. Gulch Prather/Apex Touring

other roles
Tales from the Bad Years Women 2 Goodspeed Musical

The Music Man Ensemble Bushnell

Chicago Velma City Theatre

A Chorus Line Cassie Warner Theater

Joseph and the Amazing.. Narrator Palace Theater

1776 Rutledge Palace Theater

Rent Maureen Waco Civic

Little Mermaid Ursula City Theater

Chicago Velma Palace Theater

Legally Blonde Vivienne Palace Theater

Spamalot Lady of the Lake Palace Theater

Young Frankenstein Elizabeth Palace Theater

Into the Woods Bakers Wife Ferguson Theater

Smokey Joe’s Cafe Brenda Palace Theater

42nd Street Phyllis Warner Theater

Meet John Doe Peg Hartt Conservatory

Oklahoma! Dream Laurie Warner Theater

Training: BFA Musical Theater, PTTP, HARTT School, University of Hartford)

Film Study Course at LAMDA

Emily’s Instagram 

Emily Perzan
Wizard Oz
Emily Perzan
Wizard Oz, World Tour
Emily Perzan
Wizard Oz
singing teacher, learn to sing, vocal coach
Wizard Oz

Sing what you really like in order to achieve great results!

Very often you think that  you perform one song better than another because there is a mindset “I like it more” . I prefer to say , you like it more , but also, your prefrontal cortex works 2-3 times more efficiently when you like something. Hence , you motivate yourself and as a result the default system of your brain is activating much more of available resources .. Moreover, the trio “mind- muscle system- nervous system” is in a much better coordination ..Some people say “ it’s my vibe”… But there is obviously, more to the story. What is also astonishing, that emotionally wise, we are involved on a very different level and we start actually, to perform.

Please go through your songs.. Try to understand which indeed truly touches you..Take all those songs to your singing lessons. Make sure that you build up portfolio of at least 3 slow songs and 3 fast songs…

There is a strong connection between “ I really like the song” and  your  great performance. Explore it!

I am happy that my pupil Marco debuts with his first single “Satisfaction”, produced by a Warner Music partner.

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I am happy that my pupil Marco debuts with his first single “Satisfaction”, produced by a Warner Music partner.

Watch video here

Marco is a singer/songwriter and composer born in Barcelona, Spain. Profesionaly trained as a chef, Marco has seen excellence in some of Europe’s Capitals finest 3 michelin starred restaurants. But he always felt like music was his biggest passion.

A fresh aproach on lifetime classics with a native music influence and a latin groove, satisfaction is just the first step of his career. Asking himself if the way we concieve love is necessarily the only one. Past memories and heartbreaks end up beeing a part of who we become.
The videoclip, filmed in the beautiful Barcelona, showcases some of the most emblematic spotlights of the city. Starring the spanish actress Carmen Antón, it is a song easy to vibe to in any relaxed ambiance.
Now working on his first album and planning the next single, make sure to stay in tuned in for what is yet to come!

Marco’s Instagram:

It was a great pleasure to help Marco during our vocal coaching sessions to bring his voice to a new level.

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How to sing better? Learn to sing with vocal coach
Learn to sing with vocal coach
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Prepare technical foundation for a bigger repertoire

I am absolutely convinced that for classical singers it’s really important to build up a good foundation of vocal technique, breathing, sound projection, vocal attack, coloratura, phrasing  and many other technical tools. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to practice vocal exercises or so called, vocalises during your singing lessons.  

Work on vocal exercises specially written for classical singers

Here below, I have listed links to the vocal exercises/ vocalises which are most popular and efficient in the world of classical singing. Please have patience and explore them while you are on the path of making your voice better. Some of them are written for low voices, some of them are written for high voices. Some can be applied to any voice.

Take your time

First of all, don’t rush, take step-by-step, make yourself familiar with the melody, find vocal accompaniment online, nowadays it’s so easy, for example, on YouTube. Secondly, Try to listen to other singers who are singing the same piece.

 Finally, I assure you that after singing 4 to 6 exercises, you will start to gain confidence, sensation of security and good sound projection. Additionally, you will start to extend your musical horizons, because , normally, vocalises are written in different tempo, with different vocal range (normally, it’s becoming bigger, once you are progressing)etc.  If you want to make your singing lessons indeed efficient, trust me, vocalises are extremely important.

Franz Abt


Giuseppe Concone

More complicated

Girolamo Crescentini,_Girolamo

Marco Bordogni

Mathilde Marchesi