4 efficient exercises which will improve your voice

Great exercises which will help you to sing better and you can become “your own vocal coach”

Here below, I offer you four very efficient exercises which I have been using as a vocal coach for a number of years with my pupils. All of them have clearly proved their high efficiency.Firstly, by doing these exercises, you will start perceive the sound and performance on a completely different level. Secondly, trust me, you can do it and you can improve your performance significantly as a result. And thirdly,very soon whole body will become an instrument, through which you as a performer will deliver your own very thoughts.

Vocale Awareness

In such way, you easily create a moment of vocal awareness, which you will remember. On the other hand, very often artist being on the stage, experiences state of anxiety and totally loses control. In other words, she doesn’t have that sensation of awareness and sensation of being in the zone. It is good to be here and now when you perform. The suggested exercises will help you to solve the problem. The level of vocal control will be much higher



    I need to admit, singing with closed eyes will be a very unusual experience for you but believe me, in this way, you will be able to concentrate on the sound like never before. As a result, you can improve significantly each of your voice and given more colours to it


    Try to sing the song while you are sitting relax your legs and arms, concentrate on your vocal breathing, support of the diaphragm and make sure there is no tension in the area of your throat


    Stand with your back next to the wall, put both hands on the wall.
    Find the object to focus on, just on the level of your eyes
    Sing your song and make sure that THE ONLY ELEMENTS are involved:
    1. your mind
    2. your vocal cords
    3. support of your diaphragm
    4. good space in the area of your throat
    5. no tension in your neck, your lower, your tongue


    First of all, it is good to have a mirror in front of you, while you are standing with your back next to the wall ( preferably, choose the mirror which can show whole height), so you can see all the changes happening at the very moment.

    Secondly, when you sing/speak in front of the mirror, explore a big range of characters: fragile/ strong, fearless/ shy, suspicious/ naive, happy/ sad etc. Therefore, you will learn so much about your voice and will have new opportunities to express yourself as an artist.

    Thirdly, look at your reflection, try to correct what you see.

Educational videos and article related to the psychology of performance.

By changing the way you think-you change the way you sing and perform

I am offering here two very interesting videos related to the psychology of the performance. Moreover, also you will find in the bottom of this page the article “UNDERSTANDING SPORT AND PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY” (published by American Psychological Association).

Sport psychology – inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth
Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha

Article on sport and performance psychology

connection between sport and performance psychology

Have a look at the interesting article related to Understanding Sport and Performance Psychology published on American Psychological Association.

Other vocal exercises which I recommend for you to explore

Recent online Zoom masterclass on vocal technique

It was great pleasure to provide on 27th of October an online Zoom masterclass. I was talking about vocal technique to Redwood Youth organisation . There were 40 participants in total . It seems that online education can be very efficient! Furthermore, it was big honour to share with everyone my knowledge. All the expertise and ideas, that I have gained during years of work as a vocal coach and singing teacher.

The topics which I have covered :

First of all, I worked on sound projection and explained the idea of an advanced muscle tension release
Secondly, I decided to cover the subject of “belting” ( understanding how diaphragm functions, when we sing and methods of controlling it)
Thirdly, I have spoken about importance of articulation/diction
Finally, I have shown a range of different breathing exercises and explained what is vocal attack.

I am looking forward to further collaboration and more online masterclasses in the future!

The benefits of singing and vocal development for our wellbeing.

Sing and you feel better

First of all, I need to say, it’s a very special and interesting subject I would like to discuss with you today. Being a professional vocal coach and singing teacher, I very often feel that it is important to talk not only about the performance itself, but also about positive influence of singing on us as human beings. Many of you realised that after singing you feel differently, more uplifted, more focused, vibrant and energised..

Amazing article on how we can liberate ourselves through singing on a very deep level

I found recently a very interesting article on a popular website DailyOM. It discusses the subject of singing from a very interesting angle and perspective. In fact, I found it quite unique..Moreover, I am so grateful to DailyOM for giving me a kind permission to share it with you. Thank you!

Madisyn Taylor and Daily OM

This fantastic article has been written by Madisyn Taylor . Madisyn is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the popular inspirational website and daily email, DailyOM. That is to say, she is responsible for all of its content. Moreover, she is a recognised leader in self-help and new thought spirituality. Madisyn has more than 25 years experience in personal development and alternative healing methodologies. Additionally, she has contributed to national publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows.

So here is the article. Enjoy it.

The benefits of the singing


The act of singing is one of the easiest ways to raise the vibration of your body as you harmonize with the universe.

Singing is an act of vibration. It takes music from the realm of the unformed — whether that is in your mind or from that magical space of inspiration — and moves it from within to without. From the first breath singing moves the energy in a circular way inside your body. As the breath fills your lungs, it brushes against the second and third chakras — the centers of creation and honoring self and others. Instead of merely exhaling, pushing the air past the fourth and fifth chakras where heart chakra and the center of will and intention reside, singing engages both the heart and mind. Sound vibrations from vocal cords resonate in the sinus cavities, filling the head with motion and sound while the brain lights up with the processing of the mathematics of music. This marriage of activities brings the third eye into play and opens the door for inspiration from the crown chakra before sending the sound out into the world.

Once the vibration begins, it is sustained with each note, moving throughout your body and the space around you. This can help you to harmonize your frequency with the world and with the divine. The use of the voice can bring about catharsis, a cleansing from the expression of emotion, which is why we feel better after singing certain types of songs. All of this occurs even if we are not conscious of what we are singing, but when we really connect with an intention, the power of the voice and music together are powerful tools in creation.

Even if you are not a singer by nature or talent, you are not left out. If you have a voice, it is your birthright to celebrate life with song. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel you have a nice voice. Chanting or humming, singing solo or with others, your voice is yours to enjoy. Whether you sing along to the radio or use vocalization as part of your meditation time, singing and harmonizing are healing activities that bring your body’s vibrations into alignment with the universe

Unlock the real potential of your voice. Leave worries behind and sing with freedom
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More about DailyOM

DailyOM features a universal approach to holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit and supports people who want to live a conscious lifestyle.

DailyOM was founded in 2004 by Madisyn Taylor and Scott Blum, and was born out of their desire to bring the world together by offering messages of consciousness and awareness to people of all walks of life.

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My recent interview to HuffPost UK

  • HuffPost UK has recently interviewed me on the impact of singing on our life, you can read it below. Also, you can read the full article on huffingtonpost.co.uk :


“Vasili Karpiak, a vocal coach and singing teacher in London (The Vocal Coach London), said he has witnessed the benefits singing can have on people’s mental health on numerous occasions.

“Whether it’s a banker who is seeking a form of mental relaxation, a teenager who feels uncertain about himself or a mum tired of daily obligations – after the first session, 99% of my pupils break all the psychological barriers and feel happy about themselves, uplifted, energised and focused,” he told HuffPost UK.

“In my opinion, even humming without any words with a closed mouth will uplift your energy. You can simply vocalise some easy scales or try to sing together with your favourite singer. Do not go for technically difficult songs.

“Good choices for new parents would be ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Mis. Many of Elton John’s songs are great to sing as well. If you like jazz, songs from Billie Holiday’s repertoire will also be great.

“The main idea behind is that you focus on the text and the melody. I assure you the magic of singing will bring the most joyful result.”

Useful ideas on good singing.

There are thousands of articles and advices related to good vocal teaching which you can find nowadays on Google. I decided to put together the very important ideas and thoughts on vocal technique from reputable and extremely well equipped with their vocal technique artists.

Here you can listen what Luciano Pavarotti thinks about diaphragmatic support, which is so important for any type of singing.

Here, Luciano Pavarotti speaks about Concentration, Diaphragm, Throat and Resonance.