Feedback on your video/audio recording- up to 3 songs

Do you want  to get explicit and detailed advice on how to improve your voice? I am here to assist you. First of all, simply send over to me your audio or video materials. Purchase this product and send to me up to 3 songs. Secondly, describe your goals in terms of voice development and what are the main areas of your concern. Finally,  have patience and wait for my feedback. Not only I will thoroughly analyse where you stand at the moment with your voice, but also I will clearly explain you what you need to do in order to get your voice to the next level.

In my feedback I normally address such important aspects of good singing as:

  • vocal breathing
  • vocal attack
  • voice projection
  • articulation
  • diction
  • musical phrasing
  • choice of repertoire
  • belting ( support of diaphragm)
  • agility of the voice
  • recommendation of appropriate vocal exercises
  • recommendation of breathing exercises
  • unblocking of compensatory muscles and much more