An excellent, very thorough, professional and fun to work with. The results and the change were immediate. Highly recommended tutor!

Keren lvovscky


I am working with Vasili for a while now and I am very very happy .
I can start to see progression all ready. I had other vocal coaches but must say Vasili is an A* vocal coach. Don’t take my word for it , just book some lessons and you will see. ( no one does miracles in 1 session)
Great job Vasili

Aurel Dumitru

I have recently enrolled my 11 year old Grandson for singing classes with Vasili. I was overwhelmed by the immense improvement after just one lesson and subsequently. Vasili has a wealth of knowledge in singing, voice, and breathing techniques and conveys the necessary information in a concise manner that is easy for a child to take in. My Grandson loves the singing lessons and can appreciate how much he is improving week by week. I would highly recommend Vasili as a singing teacher for all genres – Classical Opera, Musical Theatre and Popular Music.


Monica Newell


Vasili has been teaching my 14 year old son for about 3 months. I looked for a teacher for him primarily because as he went through his voice change he lost confidence in his singing as was unable to use and control his voice. I was surprised at how much he learned from the very first lesson and how he started believing in his voice again. Vasili is knowledgeable, proactive and quick to discern even the subtlest details and has a fantastic ability of getting the best out of my son’s voice. He has learned the technicalities of how to use different parts of the body to optimise his singing as well as performing to a crowd in a very short space of time. Vasili is very inspiring and makes the lesson fun that my son looks forward to it every week. It has been a pleasure to watch him gradually unfolding, enjoying his voice and reaching new depths that he never thought possible before. I highly recommend Vasili to anyone who is serious about training their voice.

Mihiri Lim


My 8 year old son has been seeing Vasili for the last 6 months. My son never had any previous experience with singing and has since become very confidant singing a range of songs from Aladdin to Ed Sheran Perfect.
Vasili is very knowledgeable and makes the lesson fun for my son who looks forward to each week to his Thursday lesson
If you’re looking for a patient, knowledgeable singing teacher, who makes the lesson very enjoyable look know further

Terry Mangan


Vassili is an excellent vocal coach and a great guy to work with. The singing lessons have been really fun and my singing has improved a lot. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Sam Wood


I highly recommend singing lessons with Vasili. From the very first singing lesson he has been incredibly supportive and encouraging. He has given me the confidence I needed to be able to sing songs I never thought were possible in my vocal range, whilst also teaching me safe vocal techniques. He’s an incredible teacher.

Sofia Biancardi


Mr. Vasili Karpiak is an amazing voice teacher. He is an experienced singer and is skilled exploring students’ vocal potentials. I had very little knowledge about techniques prior to meeting him, and had doubt about my ability to sing solos. But Vasili was very supportive and was clear in his illustrations. And through just a few lessons I found myself singing with more confidence and with a lot more control over my voice. I took away a lot from Vasili, and I truly recommend him for those who love singing and want to learn more about it.

Danqi Lin


This’s excellent!!!
Bravo 👍

Masha Hrom


One of the best things that could have happened to me was finding Vasili Karpiak. The way he teaches is so passionate, he communicates to you his love for music and teaches you amazing ways to control and use your voice to the maximum. Since I have been studying with him (only 6 months) I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my voice and I am finding my sound. If you want to be a good singer I 100% recommend studying with him.

Miriam Bolte


Vasili’s teaching became to me a new level of vocal creative work.

The most valuable was that I started to believe in myself. I’ve heard my real voice. I’ve rid of tightness in the area of my jaw and have learned to breathe in a right way. I started to experience more connection with my body and “gained friendship” with my throat.

For me it was like a “vocal coach therapy” and deep transformation on psychological, emotional and physical level.

In the end of the course I felt myself light and free, as someone cleaned me through with a strong stream of water using a “Karcher”
I felt like two wings grew on my back
I am sincerely grateful!

PS after on of our sessions I realised: I do not want to come back to previous teachers and go down to the previous level. I want to grow further. Thank you!

Mila Voronina


Teaches with great enthusiasm and energy – shares valuable expertise. I highly recommend, for classical voice especially. Thank you Mr. Karpiak!

Alexandra Gyasi


Vasili Karpiak is a very passionate singing teacher who inspires and motivates his students. In my case he found my weakness in our first lesson and with his approach and technique he showed me how to ‘fix’ it. Now I know how to work and that it is important to be patient with myself and the process. I am very grateful that I found such a wonderful teacher. Everyone who wants to take it to the next level should do at least one lesson with Vasili – I am sure you will be very pleased with the results.

Franziska Schulze


Vasili is an excellent singing teacher. In only two singing lessons he has helped me discover and understand my voice better than I could have imagined in such a short amount of time. His great tips and vocal exercise has made me a more confident singer and more enthusiastic musician. Always looking forward to other lessons to learn more !

Hugo Cottu


I decided to learn singing just for the fun of it and I have now taken lessons with Vasili for a few months. Those moments are just fantastic. Vasili is supportive, enthusiastic, and gives me confidence, by using an array of technics. The perfect combination of fun and rigour. Vasili’s voice is superb…and mine is improving 😉.

Sophia Hart


Vasili’s vocal coaching has been a revelation for me. He has a very positive approach and is technically excellent. It was hard to adjust initially but I have made big improvements in a relatively short time. Plus it’s been great fun.

Charles Aram


Amazing singing teacher, I learn so much and always look forward to our vocal sessions! Vasili knows exactly what to do to further develop my voice and I love working with him! Would recommend to anyone!

Julie Ziesmann


An amazing singing teacher! He is able to transform a raw talent in a person into a voice which is almost pitch-perfect very quickly. Aligned with the ability to put people at their ease, he can then encourage them by the use of vocal techniques, to greatly increase their singing abilities. This ability in my view is a gift which he has been given.

I have a musical background and have been involved with choirs. I know how difficult it can be for singers to improve. However, Vasili understands very quickly the weak points of a singer and then can help them improve by gentle encouragement.

He is also a kind understanding gentleman. I thoroughly recommend him.

Richard O


“My name is João Miranda, I’m a Brazilian Actor, and in the last month, I was in London having singing classes with Vasili Karpiak for a month.I’m studying voice since 2014, and the month with Vasili was the best singing classes I have ever had.I learn easily, quickly, with technique and love.I’m looking forward  to come back to London, and learn more with Vasili.One of the best singing teachers I have ever had! Thank you!”

Joao Miranda


After my daughter’s singing coach for 12 years left London we had been looking for another one.

I must admit that it was not an easy task.. I was not sure about male singing tutor believing that a soprano would be better for her

I was wrong. Vasili has changed all the misconceptions I had.

His professionalism from day one is really admirable. He is such a gentleman. Every Saturday , always punctual, he arrives with such a positive energy. They warm up about an hour and then work on the piece they already have chosen whether it is a classical piece, musical or jazz.

Having mastered in yoga himself he has a very good understanding of posture and their warm up is not only about warming up the voice but working on the perfect body and mouth position to be able to produce the best possible voice.

His vocal training is very holistic and for my daughter, she has been truly transformed and became very confident. She now finds it much easier to sing the difficult songs. She can hold her breath much longer.

On a regular basis he keeps us updated about the vocal progress and he finds opportunities for her to perform. He recently accompanied her for Berklee School of Music audition. Usually she gets nervous before any audition but this time she was very calm and focused.

I already have recommended him to couple of friends.

We have found a treasure and I am sure my daughter will be working with him for a long time .

I highly recommend Vasili Karpiak for vocal education

CEYLA Constantinidis


“At first I was apprehensive about learning with a private teacher. But after just 5 minutes of my first singing lesson, I quickly got over my fears and began to appreciate the first-rate attention and guidance.”



This man is a gem! Very knowledgeable!



We have three children and had experience with other tutors before. Vasili is teaching our youngest son of 9 years old for 9 months to date. He is the most stimulating vocal tutor who respects the pupil and at the same time encourages him to open his best. Vasili has a lot to offer, particularly he is a very good singer himself and is able to immediately provide an example of how to sing. The quality and standards of vocal teaching are very high and our son is waiting for every class to come.

Outcome: Our son qualified for Blind Auditions on Voice Kids, Channel 1 Russia, being selected to final 67 out of original +16,000 candidates.

Olga Y.


Very dedicated and great singing teacher

Vasili has worked with my 14 year old daughter for the last couple of years . He has been teaching her singing and has coached the development of her voice. He is very determined and thorough with his explanations and delivers his teachings with an understanding for the pupil he is working with . He makes himself very clear and gets my daughter to understand with great ease what he is explaining and wants her to do

Her voice has progressed immensely and she is now more confident and participating in competitions and enjoying the immense attention she gets for her voice.

Mary C