Song of my pupil Grammy Nominated Voice Kelli Leigh “More than friends” (UK top dancing Chart, number 1) has more than 40million views on Youtube

  • I worked with Kelli Leigh, who was number 1 recently whole month with ‘More than friends’ in UK Top Chart, so far she got 3 times in UK Top 10. Moreover, it is absolutely incredible how many views  this song has had so far- 40million!
More than friends

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Can’t get Enough
Nothing More
Sun Token

Voice and speech skills development. New collaboration. Launching of Youtube Channel.

It was a great experience to help with voice and speech skills development to Dr. Abdul H S Mohammed chiropractor who recently launched YouTube educational channel. He is not only the most recognised chiropractor not just in Manchester but the whole of North West region and have been awarded Top 3 Best Rated in Manchester by an independent authority for the last 4 years. Having worked in Stockport since 2014, Dr. Mo has had the privilege of treating Team GB athletes, members of the Saudi Royal family and TV personalities.Also he is a regular speaker about nutrition and posture to members of the public.

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Advice on public speech skills

My recent interview to The Telegraph

I am excited to share with you my recent interview to The Telegraph ( After Vasili Karpiak, an opera singer who has worked with the Royal Opera House, lost weight he found his voice changed. “I realised it’s not my voice any more and I need a different technique.
“The voice does change [when you lose weight], simply speaking from physiology. The body has one size and the vibration, the sound and colour is applicable to that size, when you lose a lot of weight you get a different colour.
“You get a different space for the sound frequencies that are created as a result of the vocal cords, there is less space for the vibration process.”
However, it’s not all bad news: “The stamina of the voice will increase, and if anything I think it has a positive influence on the artist.”

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my recent interview to The Telegraph

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interview to The Telegraph
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Amazing singer and songwriter Ritho Evans

It is a true joy to work as a voice specialist with Ritho. He is an incredible singer and a wonderful person!
Say you’re mine, Ritho Evans
My brilliant pupil Ritho has released a new song! I am so privileged to be his singing teacher and vocal coach. I ve been providing my singing class for a while for this wonderful artist.
Ritho Evans

I am happy to have amongst my pupils Ritho Evans. First of all I need to say that Ritho moved to London to pursue music as a full time career. Secondly, his music is a fusion of electronic instruments with acoustic elements, tied together with pop melodies. Thirdly, his Influences are Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels and Lauv. Moreover, he is currently releasing a new song every 2 weeks and this song, ‘Say You’re Mine’ was entirely Produced, Mixed and Written by him! It is about Isolating away from a loved one but it’s giving it a positive spin of the distance making you realise the good things you have!

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I am happy to work with composer, songwriter and amazing singer Amy Collins!

It is a true joy to work with Amy!  She has a very special gift of songwriting. Once you heard her songs, you want to listen to them again and again! I am looking forward to further collaboration with this amazing artist!

Amy Collins BA, MA | Composer

Please listen to Amy’s latest songs

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