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Do you want 

  • to work towards a vocal competition, audition or major performance, studio recording?

  • the experienced singing teacher will guide you through each step of this journey?

  • to build your own repertoire of new songs?

  • to boost your artistic confidence?

  • to improve your high notes?

  • to connect your chest voice with the head voice and bring up the best of the sound?

  • would you like to give your voice more  depth  and richness?
  • to free your breathing?

I can definitely help you!

Hello everyone. My name is Vasili Karpiak.

I am a professional vocal coach with a long established history of teaching and coaching all ages and levels. I am a member of the National Education Union and Musicians’ Union UK.


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  • My pupils are absolute beginners, those who are in UK Top chart and those who perform at The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent. As a vocal coach, I was preparing pupils for the roles in a new film by Guy Ritchie “Aladdin” and was coaching members of UK Parliament. My pupils are from all over the world- actors, professional singers who are singing in West End shows, amateurs, members of the aristocracy, people who are bored with their office life and want something really new and enjoyable, musicians, the list can go on and on.
  • I was collaborating with the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra on singing educational projects provided for Royal Autistic Society and Royal Society for Blind Children.

I love what I do and it is the biggest pleasure for me to see how the voice is growing and developing. Being a vocal coach makes me simply really happy, as, to be honest, it is an amazing feeling to see your pupil achieving true freedom and artistry in singing, something which, in the majority of the cases, can be achieved through systematic vocal exercises, determination and perseverance.

 I am very pleased with golden medal of my pupil Yaroslav Yakubchuk at prestigious Vienna International Music Competition 2019! Category Voice-Young Artist https://www.viennacompetition.com https://www.viennacompetition.com/results-2019

and Golden Medal at 4th Manhattan International Music Competition 2019  in category Young Artist!

  • I am happy with the success of my pupil Siena Rosa from Zurich, Switzerland getting to the semi final of Voice Kids Switzerland! which will be in December 2019! Super exited 


  • I am thrilled to work again with a London Based fantastic singer and songwriter Hans Vilu Not only he is an awesome artist but also the music he creates is fantastic ! He makes well crafted and lush-sounding songs that have a beautiful balance between the electronic and the organic. Press link below and enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/echoround/liquid-blue/s-p8TDU


  • Excited about my pupil Frazier Newell, who travels from Wolverhampton to have singing lessons with me in London and has successfully auditioned for a place with the National Youth Boys Choir of Great Britain! Frazier has also been invited to perform with the Counterpoint Choir for Christmas Events 2019 at Powis Castle, Wales, Weston Park, Shropshire and the Molineux Football Stadium, Wolverhampton


  • HuffPost UK has recently interviewed me on the impact of singing on our life, you can read it below. Also, you can read the full article on huffingtonpost.co.uk :


“Vasili Karpiak, a vocal coach and singing teacher in London (The Vocal Coach London), said he has witnessed the benefits singing can have on people’s mental health on numerous occasions.

“Whether it’s a banker who is seeking a form of mental relaxation, a teenager who feels uncertain about himself or a mum tired of daily obligations – after the first session, 99% of my pupils break all the psychological barriers and feel happy about themselves, uplifted, energised and focused,” he told HuffPost UK.

“In my opinion, even humming without any words with a closed mouth will uplift your energy. You can simply vocalise some easy scales or try to sing together with your favourite singer. Do not go for technically difficult songs.

“Good choices for new parents would be ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Mis. Many of Elton John’s songs are great to sing as well. If you like jazz, songs from Billie Holiday’s repertoire will also be great.

“The main idea behind is that you focus on the text and the melody. I assure you the magic of singing will bring the most joyful result.”

  • I provide professional vocal coaching and singing lessons for various styles of music going from pop to opera, jazz, musical theatre and films.
  • If you’re searching for a professional Singing Teacher in London who can give you the personalized attention you deserve, look no further! I’m an experienced and knowledgeable singing teacher, having offered my singing lessons and intensive voice training since 2008 to clients in London and worldwide. I can help unlock your full vocal potential by providing the technical guidance and foundational skills you need in order to succeed.

Have a look at the video of my pupil Leila Diamondi! She has written this beautiful song herself which is a part of the disk which will be launched soon!

Here is another amazing song of Leila, check it out  https://www.leyladiamondi.com/danger-zone-remix

Leila Diamondi Official Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/leyladiamondi/




With amazing singer and great person Nirvanah Rose. Recently I had a pleasure to work together preparing her voice for Abbey Road studios recording.

Singing lessons in London with professional vocal coach and singing teacher

Abbey Road studios recording session


Exited to have amongst my pupils brilliant singer and film producer Michael Lau from Hong Kong, have a look at his video!

  • I am pleased about the recent performance of my longstanding pupil Yaroslav at the final of “The Voice kids 2018” on ITV 21 Aug 2018. I have been working with him for two years from the very beginning every week. He has done so well, I always knew that he has lots of talent and it is a great achievement for us, he has chosen Will.i.am as his mentor.






My blog about singing & vocal technique

  • Semifinal of “The Voice kids 2018”

  • Blind audition

  • I worked with Kelli Leigh, who was number 1 recently whole month with ‘More than friends’ in UK Top Chart

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Latest Review:

So i turned up for my first vocal lesson ever, being an over 40 year old male , I’m thinking I’m too old for this gig , played guitar for many years, with some great vocalists , but never really tried to sing, apart from in the car when I’m alone ,  embarrassed zero confidence feeling stupid and almost wondering how I got to even book a vocal lesson, I mean come on , singing isn’t for me , I sound terrible, any how, I’m waiting outside the rehearsal rooms in like the steinway studios, ok I’m about to do a runner , this is way above my grade …. but I’m caught on the way out, by Vasili , he says hello, and already the stress is starting to drain away, awesome karma right from the off , so we begin , within seconds I feel more and more relaxed , he understands my lack of confidence Im a beginner  , patient fun encouraging, zip an hour into various fun call and response piano training and physical techniques , and I’m actually hitting some notes , and I don’t think they sound too bad anymore  – that was like 1 lesson.I book again for another lesson in the following week, as i wait again outside another great rehearsal facility in central London   , out walks a future star operatic singer,  I recognize him fro the TV, he was training with Vasili before my lesson, I’m like wow, this guy teaches the stars, and now he has to adjust his lesson back down to my beginners level, which he does effortlessly  -, one of those rare people in life , don’t hesitate to book a lesson , its life changing , if your a beginner and thinking about singing , call this guy , he is  amazing 

The lessons gave me a huge amount of confidence , made me release that songs I used to shy away from, as they were too high for my voice, now are my play ground, Vasili has brought music back into my soul  – and for that I can not thank him enough

Darryl K


An amazing teacher! He is able to transform a raw talent in a person into a voice which is almost pitch-perfect very quickly. Aligned with the ability to put people at their ease, he can then encourage them by the use of vocal techniques, to greatly increase their singing abilities. This ability in my view is a gift which he has been given.

I have a musical background and have been involved with choirs. I know how difficult it can be for singers to improve. However, Vasili understands very quickly the weak points of a singer and then can help them improve by gentle encouragement.

He is also a kind understanding gentleman. I thoroughly recommend him.

Richard Oates



What I Offer


£120 – 1 hour

£180 -1.30 hour 

£240 – 2 hours

5% Discount on 10 lesson advance booking

10% Discount on 20 lesson advance booking

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult

Cancellation Notice: 2 Days




My most preferred place to work with students is BLÜTHNER STUDIOS, located at 6 Baker Street

London, W1U 3AA, 5 min walk from Bond Street Tube station.


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