Public speech development, take your skills to a new level today!

How to improve public speech skills

  1. Please give attention to lower jaw, to the way you open it.

    Just by putting two fingers on both sides between ( whilst rehearsing your speech) you release all the tension of muscles in that area. In this way, you will have more vibrant, resonating voice. Your audience will love it.

  2. Make sure that you smile when you speak.

    Be sure, It doesn’t matter that the content of speech is sad or happy, it is simply for the purpose of a good sound resonance.

  3. Breath (inhale) lower and faster.

    Then just exhale and place whole phrase on that air

  4. Take your time.

    Try to create gaps and pauses between phrases (1-2 seconds). It will allow your audience to understand the content on a much deeper level

  5. Start to use your arms and body language

    Needless to say, your speech will be more entertaining this way. `It is easier to bring attention of listeners to your speech if you lift up your arm(s), for example. But please, do it occasionally. Remember- less is more, as they say, do not exaggerate with this.

  6. Project your sound further, just imagine that the person audience, let’s say, is 20 m away

    Hence, your diaphragm will work differently, whole mechanism of sound will be more powerful. As a result, people will clearly understand every minuscule detail.Finally, you can simply keep your audience focused.

  7. Change tempo

    It is important to explore different tempos of your speech. Then you could work on your articulation and details, your breathing will work differently, while you are speaking in different tempos. Be curious, be different, avoid situation when you deliver your speech monotonously.

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