2 hours of vocal coaching

Price of private singing lessons and vocal coaching

The price of this package is £200. Please be aware that the online option is available. The payment link is at the bottom of this page.

Results which you get from the voice training with me

Book 2 hours of vocal coaching and learn the foundation of good vocal technique. First of all, you will explore range of vocal exercises from me. Secondly, I will explain to you how vocal breathing is working. Thirdly, we will work on the voice projection and the way how belting is working when you sing. Fourthly, we will do  a range of efficient articulation exercises and work on 1 or 2 songs of your choice. To sum up, after my vocal instruction you will have a clear idea of how to manage your voice and definitely. Moreover, you will feel a dramatic change in your voice. Goals of my pupils can vary. Are you doing it for your singing voice? Do you want to improve your speaking voice? Don't worry, I am here to help you. I can guarantee a great voice improvement.

My approach towards your voice development

In my work with your voice I don't use only the knowledge of vocal physiology. To clarify, I constantly implement ideas and knowledge related to psychology of singing, neurophysiology and neurolinguistic programming, to mention a few. Furthermore, I constantly on search of new ideas related to voice. I combine teachings of old school of singing together with modern teachings. Despite this, I have 12 years of singing studies in total, 4 musical degrees, thousands hours of work with top vocal coaches and many happy pupils from around the world. All of this makes me confident in saying -I will make a change to your voice!