My pupil is in the final of The Voice Kids 2018!

First of all, I need to say that I am so happy about the performance of my longstanding pupil Yaroslav at the final of “The Voice kids 2018” on ITV 21 Aug 2018. Secondly, I need to add that I have been working with him as his vocal coach and singing teacher for two years / Moreover, from the very beginning we were having singing lessons and intense vocal coaching every week. Undoubtedly, He has done so well! I always knew that he has lots of talent and it is a great achievement for us. Finally, it was an amazing experience Yaroslav as he has chosen as his mentor.

We were working together on a variety of classical and pop songs. In order to take it to the next level, we started to explore together songs in German, Italian songs as well. Furthermore, we started our work on some famous operatic pieces. The compulsory part of our training was

  • Yaroslav Performs ‘Largo Al Factotum’: The Final | The Voice Kids UK 2018
  • The Coaches and Finalists perform “Mr Blue Sky”
  • Persia, Yaroslav and Natasha perform “Bring me to life”
  • Blind audition
Yaroslav singing in blind audition of The Voice. It is a privilege to be his vocal coach and singing teacher

Abbey Road Studios

With amazing singer, great person and pupil of mine Nirvanah Rose. Recently, I had a pleasure to work together whilst preparing her voice for Abbey Road studios recording. We have spent a fantastic time in studios!

Singing lessons/ vocal coach
Recording album with my pupil in Abbey Road studios, with the same sound engineer who was working on song Skyfall ( film Skyfall with Daniel Craig). Fantastic experience!

Happy about my pupils doing so well during autumn 2019!

and Golden Medal at 4th Manhattan International Music Competition 2019  in category Young Artist!

  • I am happy with the success of my pupil Siena Rosa from Zurich, Switzerland getting to the semi final of Voice Kids Switzerland! which will be in December 2019! Super exited 


  • I am thrilled to work again with a London Based fantastic singer and songwriter Hans Vilu Not only he is an awesome artist but also the music he creates is fantastic ! He makes well crafted and lush-sounding songs that have a beautiful balance between the electronic and the organic. Press link below and enjoy it!


  • Excited about my pupil Frazier Newell, who travels from Wolverhampton to have singing lessons with me in London and has successfully auditioned for a place with the National Youth Boys Choir of Great Britain! Frazier has also been invited to perform with the Counterpoint Choir for Christmas Events 2019 at Powis Castle, Wales, Weston Park, Shropshire and the Molineux Football Stadium, Wolverhampton