10 hours of vocal coaching - discount 10%

Price of private singing lessons and vocal coaching

Original price for 10 hours of vocal coaching with me is £1200. As it is a bulk payment you are getting it for £1080 (discount 10%). 10 hours of vocal coaching with me will cover a variety of topics essential for your vocal technique and voice improvement.

Results which you get from the voice training with me

It is the most comprehensive package of vocal coaching which you can get. To be clear, together we will go through a big range of essential topics relevant to vocal performance. For example, during our singing lessons we will work on vocal stamina, vocal agility, acting skills, vocal breathing, articulation and diction skills, vocal attack. Furthermore, I will cover with you whole portfolio of your songs. Normally, during 10 vocal coaching sessions, we can work on about 4 to 6 songs. Consequently, we will work  thoroughly on each vocal phrase, intonation, colour of your singing voice. Needless to say, we will improve dynamics of the musical phrase. Inevitably, it will bring you to an absolutely new level in your singing performance. To be clear, this is what good vocal coaching is all about. 

My approach towards your voice development

Systematic repetition of new ideas related to your voice will lead to creation of new patterns and singing habits.  In the end, you set up a completely a new approach towards singing. With me you will understand how mind, vocal muscles and the rest of the muscle groups involved in singing should function. It will bring confidence to your performance and fantastic feedback of your audience. In order to develop your voice on a deeper level, I constantly implement my vast knowledge gained after many years of working as a vocal instructor. Additionally, I also aim to target psychological and neurophysiological component of singing and speaking  voice.

Professional vocal coaching is the way forward

Even if you think that your songs and voice are already well prepared, there is always a vast opportunity for vocal and singing improvement. In other words, Professional vocal coaching will definitely bring this desirable result and you will experience change of your singing skills after voice lessons with me.

Most importantly, whether you want to improve your singing voice or speaking voice, I can confidently say that this package of vocal coaching will be extremely efficient.